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Vipra Kothary
Architect & Urban Designer 

With a keen interest in urban issues and heritage, Vipra has the ability to find a balance between the old and new with great ease. She has an eye for detail making her design approach very clear and functional. As a designer, she focuses on Sustainable Community Development and considers community-led design and placemaking as the key to achieving that. She is a Founding member of the Placemaking India Network and is actively involved in its activities.


Madhura Rasane
Architect & Environmental Planner

Madhura Rasane works as an Architect & Environmental Planner in Centre for Green Mobility. She holds a Masters in Environmental Architecture and Planning from SPPU, Pune with her B. Arch also from SPPU, Pune. She is the recipient of National Award such as the ‘National awards for Excellence in Post Graduate Thesis ‘in 2019. She has also been nominated for ‘Young Talent Architecture Award Asia’ in 2021. She is an Indian Green Building Council Accredited Professional.


Pratik Kolhapure

Pratik Kolhapure joined the CGM team as an Architect. With a graduate degree in Architecture & expertise in planning, landscaping & visualization, he brings fresh energy to the team. His area of interest also spans out up to Campus Planning & Master Planning.


Ambica Wakhlu
Architect & Urban Designer

With an experience in the different ways in which urban spaces are used and perceived, Ambica brings with her on-ground experience of planning and designing such spaces as well as using them as a citizen. Her role in the development of Tactical Urbanism and Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative Toolkits helped in providing assistance to people and government as well as reconfigure the usage of public transport systems and public spaces in a post-pandemic world. She brings with her liveable experience of cities like Gurugram, Kochi, Delhi and Jammu.


Monali Biswal
Urban Planner

Artist and architect. Particular about things and cleaning 


Hemant Chaudhary
Urban Planner

An illustrator with an appetite of visual art . An ace in cards and games.


Biswajeet Parida
Urban Planner 

Fond of researching in Urban Studies. Explorer of local food and culture 

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