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Our People


Bankim Kalra

With more than 100 wide-ranging urban planning and design projects in his book of expertise, Bankim brings in the unique skill to understand the interdependencies between various aspects of urban management in a global outlook. Starting from his stint as an architectural intern in Auroville, Bankim gained his experience in urban management as a resident and through training & professional work in small and big cities alike, including Toronto, Ann Arbor, Sarasota, Orlando, Vancouver, Miami and Bhubaneswar. 

Some of his award-winning work includes the Bhubaneswar Smart City Proposal in Odisha (India), Downtown Tavares Master Plan in Florida, Greater Childs Park Strategic Planning Initiative in St. Petersburg, Florida. Bankim currently resides in Kolkata and travels between Gurgaon and Bhubaneswar for projects regularly.

Jagdish Temkar_02.jpg

Jagdish Temkar
Architect & Transport Planner 

Jagdish Temkar carries experience in street design, and Non Motorized Transport related planning and design. An advocate of sustainable transport solutions, and an avid cyclist himself, he is passionate about optimisation of urban transportation for the masses. His goal is to optimize public transportation for urban spaces through policy interventions, innovation and better alternatives for last mile connectivity.


Subhankar Mete 
Architect & Urban Designer

Subhankar Mete  joined the CGM team as an Urban Designer. Previously he has conducted extensive research on strategic interventions proposed through community engagement in several cities, including Delhi, Kochi, Durgapur, and Kangra. In 2021, he published a research paper titled "World of Tomorrow - Conscious Steps towards a Better Future" at an RFSADPI International e-conference. With his passion and meticulous approach toward urban design, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to designing tactical urban landscapes and spaces. 


Asish Mishra 
Associate Consultant - Impact Assessment & Fundraising

As an Urban Manager, Asish is inclined towards urban spaces with a profound social impact. He is dedicated to carefully evaluating the impact of curated projects, underscoring their importance in community development. He believes that a green world cannot be designed until we all come together and form a green cycle of the economy. There's a strong connection between the people who want to design the change and the people who support the change.


Riya Agarwal
Junior Landscape Architect

Riya is a landscape architect who strongly believes that urban spaces should be designed with people in mind, and her focus on creating enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing solutions reflects this  belief. She has a passion for designing and creating sustainable, livable urban spaces which are admirable. Her expertise in architecture, urban designing, critical thinking, and ability to analyze data and identify patterns make her a valuable asset to any urban planning and design project

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