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Who we are

We are a non-profit organization.

We help cities and communities find ways to adopt alternatives for public transportation and open spaces that are healthier for people & the environment.

Like you, we too, are looking for a healthier world, especially in a post-pandemic world. We need solutions that are long-term, affordable, and convenient as well as make citizens feel good about being a part of their cities.


We understand it’s not only about making cities habitable, but safer and more Inter-connected.

Our Mission

Centre for Green Mobility is dedicated to provide sustainable & innovative mobility solutions to create safe & livable urban environment in our cities

Our Vision

Cities: Reinvent to make them healthier & more sustainable by addressing growing urban traffic congestion challenges, over-dependence on private vehicles and poor air quality impacting our daily lives. 

Mobility: Providing mobility for all by investing & prioritizing public transport, pedestrians, cyclist and universal access to promote healthy, affordable and sustainable economic development.


Livability: Creating a compact city with a balanced synthesis of urban planning & sustainable transportation that provides better public transport facilities and quality urban design.

Board of Directors


Bankim Kalra

With more than 100 wide-ranging urban planning and design projects in his book of expertise, Bankim brings in the unique skill to understand the interdependencies between various aspects of urban management in a global outlook. Starting from his stint as an architectural intern in Auroville, Bankim gained his experience in urban management as a resident and through training & professional work in small and big cities alike, including Toronto, Ann Arbor, Sarasota, Orlando, Vancouver, Miami and Bhubaneswar. 

Some of his award-winning work includes the Bhubaneswar Smart City Proposal in Odisha (India), Downtown Tavares Master Plan in Florida, Greater Childs Park Strategic Planning Initiative in St. Petersburg, Florida. Bankim currently resides in Kolkata and travels between Gurgaon and Bhubaneswar for projects regularly.

Anuj Malhotra

Anuj Malhotra, the co-founder of CGM, is a landscape architect by training and seasoned urban planning professional. Anuj has experience working with the Non-profit, Private, and Government sectors & has been an advisor to various National, State and City level agencies in urban design and mobility. Presently working as the General Manager, Planning & Design for the Srinagar Smart City Limited, Anuj will continue to guide CGM as an Honorary Director, building upon his extensive experience in advocacy, policymaking, and implementation of urban mobility solutions.


Vimal Hansraj

Vimal Hansraj is an Architect and Urban Designer. Born in Daman, Education and training in Pune and London, Vimal brings to CGM a deep understanding of the intricacies of urban life in different contexts. Being an avid sports person, he believes that active living can become an important tool in transforming communities and adopting greener mobility choices.

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