Who we are

We are a non-profit organization.

We help cities and communities find ways to adopt alternatives for public transportation and open spaces that are healthier for people & the environment.

Like you, we too, are looking for a healthier world, especially in a post-pandemic world. We need solutions that are long-term, affordable, and convenient as well as make citizens feel good about being a part of their cities.


We understand it’s not only about making cities habitable, but safer and more Inter-connected.

Our Mission

Centre for Green Mobility is dedicated to provide sustainable & innovative mobility solutions to create safe & livable urban environment in our cities

Our Vision

Cities: Reinvent to make them healthier & more sustainable by addressing growing urban traffic congestion challenges, over-dependence on private vehicles and poor air quality impacting our daily lives. 

Mobility: Providing mobility for all by investing & prioritizing public transport, pedestrians, cyclist and universal access to promote healthy, affordable and sustainable economic development.


Livability: Creating a compact city with a balanced synthesis of urban planning & sustainable transportation that provides better public transport facilities and quality urban design.